Going to Europe in 2014? Save money by looking at a consolidator airfare!



Going to Europe in 2014, have you ever looked at a consolidator airfare.  With airfares to Europe in 2014 increasing in cost, consolidator tickets could save you money in 2014!

What is a consolidator ticket and where can I find them? 

The simple answer is that a consolidator ticket or air fare is a negotiated fare between an airline and a wholesaler.  It is performance based so one wholesaler may have a better fare on a particular air itinerary or carrier than another.  You will not find these fares on airlines websites or on Expedia, Kayak,Travelocity, Priceline or any other OTA sites.  They are proprietary fares.  To get a quote on these type of fares, it is best to work with a travel agent that knows how to work the consolidator market.  There are many out there and some are more reputable than others. We at Reynolds Travel have a good group of consolidators that we work with and chances are, we will find you a better fare than what is out there on the airline’s websites and OTA’s.  Just to give you an example, we had a client that called and needed a one way ticket to London in July 2014 and was having trouble finding a good fare.  One way tickets typically are very expensive compared to roundtrip fares.  We checked for her and the published one way fare for the time frame she was going was $1580.00.  We found her a consolidator fare with the exact same itinerary as the published fare for $783.00.  That was a huge savings.  We were actually a little shocked how much we saved her.  Now, not every ticket is going to have that type of savings and with some tickets there may not be any savings at all but we do believe it is worth it to look.  If you have a travel agent that you trust, give them a call or email them to inquire about this type of fare. You can also contact us at Reynolds Travel.       

Caravan Tours 10 Day “Costa Rica Natural Paradise” Tour

Caravan Tours has a ten day tour of Costa Rica called “Costa Rica Natural Paradise” that is value priced at $995.00 per person land only and includes all meals, transfers, accommodations and transportation. Destinations on the tour include Guanacaste and the Arenal Volcano. Click on the link below or go to Reynolds Travel for more details.

NCL Cruise Specials

Reynolds Travel is pleased to announce deals on 4 particular cruises on Norweigan Caribbean Lines. They are: 7 Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Norweigan Epic for February 18, 2012. Prices are $974.00 base price per person plus $109.46 in port taxes and fees for a balcony stateroom. Cruise ports of call are St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Naussau.
Also a 7 day Hawaii cruise on the “Pride of America” for April 21, 2012. Prices are $1074 per person plus $89.46 for port taxes and fees for an Oceanview Stateroom and $1524.00 per person plus $89.46 in port taxes and fees for a Balcony Stateroom. Ports of call are: Honolulu; Kahului, Maui; Hilo, Kona, Kauai.
Also a 7 day Alaska Cruise on the “Norweigan Pearl” for July 1, 2012. Prices are $844.00 per person plus $183.40 in port taxes and fees for an Inside Stateroom and $1744.00 per person plus $183.40 in taxes and fees. Ports of call are: Seattle; Juneau, Alaska; Skagway, Alaska; Ketchikan, Alaska and Victoria, British Columbia.
Also a 7 day Western Meditteranean Cruise out of Barcelona, Spain on the”Norweigan Epic” for August 5, 2012. Prices are $924.00 per person plus $112.40 in port taxes and fees for an Inside Stateroom and $1324.00 per person plus $112.40 in port taxes and fees for a Balcony Stateroom.
Prices do not include air transportation. Click on the links below to see the flyers or go to www.reynoldstravel.net. Flyer – NCL Epic Feb 2012
Flyer – NCL 2012 Promos

AMA Waterways Celebration of Wine Special

AMA Waterways is having a special for wine conisseurs where companion flies free from US gateways and 7 Canadian Gateways. Prices start at at $1999.00 per person and do include fuel surcharges and taxes. All 6 cruises are in the European Wine Regions. Click on the link below for more details or go to http://www.reynoldstravel.net.


Vietnam and Southeast Asia

For those that are intersted in Southeast Asia, we found a pretty good deal for Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Pacific Delight Tours is offering a 12 day tour of the same name for March 16, 2012. Pacific Delight tours has been in business for 40 years and specializes in tours of Southeast Asia. Price of the tour has been discounted to $1999.00 from $2399.00 per person, a $800 savings per couple. Please be aware that the price does not include airfare to and from but does have intra-tour air included. Special will expire July 29, 2011. Click on the link below or go to www.reynoldstravel.net.


CIE Tours Ireland Tours

CIE Tours has an extnesive tour campaign for Ireland with tours ranging from 6 to 15 days. As you may already know, Summer is a great time to visit Ireland(June, July and August). They have tours to visit all parts of the Island Country. Tour prices range from $658 per person for the six day to $1928 for the 15 day, which emcomopasses all parts of the country. Prices will vary a little bit depending on departure date. If you are considering Ireland, definitely look at CIE Tours and their great selection. Click on the link below for a detailed list of CIE Ireland Tours or go to http://www.reynoldstravel.net.

Escorted Coach Tours of Ireland

Oceania Cruises Summer Sales Event

Oceania Cruises, a luxury cruise line, is having a summer sale with 2 for 1 cruise fares with free airfare from select cities on select cruises in 2011. Prices do not include taxes and fees. Click on the link below or go to http://www.reynoldstravel.net.

Summer Sales Event2

Paul Gaugin Cruises Tahiti Special

Paul Gaugin Cruises has a special on Tahiti Cruises. Save up to 50% on select cruises and free airfare from LAX. Also recieve up to $500.00 on board credit for select cruises. Cruise prices start at $3997.00 and do not include taxes, fees and air from cities other than LAX. Restrictions do apply. Click on the link below or go to http://www.reynoldstravel.net.

Paul Gaugin Tahiti