Coming to a Head

     They should start a reality show about carry on bags.  The latest saga, the jet blue flight attendant getting in an argument with a customer and activating the emergency slide, is one for the ages.  Carry on bags are becoming a touchy issue.  I made the mistake of sitting in the back of a plane on a Delta Flight recently and it seemed like it took 30 minutes just to get off the plane.  With the economy the way that it is, everybody is in a penny-pinching mode and anyway you can save a few bucks, you’ve got to do it. 

  Airlines, more and more, are all about the ancilliary revenues, charging for bags, charging for pillows, you name it.   In fact, one of the reasons airlines are making a profit now is because of those ancilliary revenues.  It is all about survival for them.  They have lost money, for the most part, every year up till this year and saw the writing on the wall.  Can you blame them.

       Then, on top of that, more bad news for the consumer.  There will come a day when the airlines will all charge for carry ons.  It is inevitable.  Spirit airlines has already started charging for carry ons.  The more weight you add to an airplane the more they burn fuel, which means an expense they have to account for.  Lets face it, when you buy an airline ticket now, you are just paying for yourself not your bags.  You know, it’s funny, back in the day when Southwest first started making a real push to expand, I told myself that I would never fly on them, but now they may be the best airline out there. Why? Well, with Southwest, you know what to expect and they are efficient.  There aren’t any high expectations with them. They get you there and that is it.  These days, you need a boatload of patience if you are going to travel by air anymore.  It is not a pleasurable experience.  One thing is for sure, I am definitely going to make a concerted effort not to have to sit in the back of the plane again.